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So, you have finished work, the kids are in bed, it’s time to relax… right?

But wait… you have a birthday coming up tomorrow and you haven’t sent a gift yet so you spend the rest of the night searching for the perfect gift (with next day delivery).
Then there’s the Dr’s appointment that you have to get booked in for, the car needs a service and what are you going to get for Great Aunt Chris’ 80th???

  • Did you remember to put the dancing lessons in the diary? 
  • Who is taking the kids to football this week?
  • Your online shopping STILL needs to be done.
  • One of your properties needs a boiler check.
  • Have we got everything we need for that trip next week?
  • Did you remember to book the train?

We can help by giving you an extra pair of hands, when you need it, for all of the little jobs that keep getting missed.

  • Research
  • Sourcing the perfect gift
  • Sending out Cards
  • Reminder service
  • Writing speeches
  • Organising parties
  • Maintining the family diary

Why do we insist on trying to do everything on our own? The fact is, we shouldn't have to! There is strength in knowing when to ask for help.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could hand all of that to somebody else and relax when you sit down in the evening?

How good will it feel to know that you haven’t missed a birthday or occasion this year?

Support Options

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10 Hour Block

To be used within 8 weeks, to help get you organised and back on track with everything again.


10 Hours of lifestyle support to be used over a 60 day period.
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On an ad-hoc basis

Leah Ainscow
Leah Ainscow
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I contacted Stefaine to assist with sorting a bespoke birthday and Christmas present. I am a professional career driven women who works long hours and didn’t have the time to source a supplier for bespoke present I wanted for my husband. (In a short space of time) I contacted Stefaine to assist with this task and it was a breath of fresh air, speedy response, supplier found in hours and contacted. Source pricing from the supplier and liaise with myself and the supplier swiftly. Stefanie even sorted dispatch of the product, to a convenient place for myself as I work all round London. I would recommend Stefanie for her quick response and ability to source what I required. Stefanie service completely took the stress away from my hectic work schedule so I could concentrate on my work and know that I got something for my husband he would like. Thanks Stefanie for a brilliant service.