If you are on an ad-hoc contract you can amend your hours as you go subject to availibility.  If you are on a retainer package or a bespoke project we will discuss and try to accommodate where possible.

Absolutely!  If you need an extra pair of hands for a few days, we can do that on an ad-hoc basis. 

Absolutely! We have a variety of different packages available – pop over to our Social Media page for more info.

Yes!  Printing and scanning can be done.  A deadline will always be confirmed prior to acceptance and we will always try to accommodate where possible.

There are retainer packages available should you wish to secure a set number of hours per month.  In some cases you may be asked to pay a 50% deposit on a bespoke project.

We offer a basic package, recording receipts, sending and chasing invoices.  We do not currently offer a bookkeeping or accountancy service; this is something that we will be looking at in the future.

No.  Some of the team are only available during the week whilst others are available during evenings and weekends so we can provide a full service to our clients.  

When you are on a retainer package, the hours that you have paid for are already scheduled in the diary and they will be protected.  That is your time.  If you are on an ad-hoc contract, we will only accept the project if we have availability.  

If you choose an ad-hoc contract, you will be billed on the last day of each month.  A deposit may be required should you go over 5 hours.  With this option there is no minimum contract and no notice period. If you choose a retainer package, you pay a reduced fee in advance so that we can block out the time and be available when you need us.  All retainer packages come with minimum monthly hours and a 3-month notice period. We bill by the minute and time track every project.  If it takes 17 minutes to complete a project, you will be billed for 17 minutes. So you will only ever pay for the time that we use. No rounding up to the nearest hour here. A copy of this report will always be available on request.

Of course!  We can provide a bespoke order processing system.  Your orders come in; we will record the details on a spreadsheet which you can access at all times.  We will check personalisation, issue an order number, send an invoice and create an address label so that all you have to do is check the spreadsheet, create your product and send to the client once payment has been received.  We would also be able to answer general queries coming in from social media with pre-agreed responses and flag any issues for your attention.  Leaving you time to get back to doing what you love.

If, for any reason, a member of the team is unable to complete a time sensitive project due, we have a team of VA’s available to step in.  As part of your onboarding, we will discuss your preferences regarding this. 

There is no minimum commitment.  We offer an ad-hoc rate for those times where you need an extra pair of hands with a project or we have retainer packages if you would like more consistent support.

We use a variety of different types of communication depending on what is needed.  We would usually request instructions to be in written form to enable us to refer to it throughout the project.  Our catch-up sessions can be via video conferencing or face to face where possible.  When you have your discovery call, we will check with you what your preference is.

That would depend on what is taking you away from what you need to be doing.  We offer a free discovery call to discuss these details and to determine how we could assist you most effectively.  For many people, the first jobs that they like to hand over are social media creation and scheduling, collating messages and responding to basic queries and invoice processing but it will be dependant on what works best for you.