Who are we?

If you are reading this you have either stumbled across my page or you have sought me out and either way, you may be a little curious about who I am, what I do and why I do this so get comfy and let me introduce myself. 

First things first, my name is spelt S T E F A N I E, for some reason my parents thought it would be a good idea for me to be a little different.  I am one of those people who can only find stuff with my name on in foreign countries.  It is also a major cause of confusion whenever I try to explain it over the phone (that could be the way I am telling it; I am a Geordie…. but it does seem REALLY difficult at times).  I have a gorgeous partner David, who is hugely supportive and the calm to my storm.  Where I am like a whirlwind, he is very laid back and takes everything in his stride.  We have baby boy who is the cheekiest little terror tot that I have ever come across but the two of them are my absolute world.  They are also the reason that this business is here, but I will get to that later.  I have an 11-year-old collie who is a cuddle monster and a 15-year-old moggy who is feisty and getting a little cantankerous in her old age.  I would turn our little house by the seaside into a zoo if the Mr would give in, but it seems that for now, he is happy as a family of 5.

My experience

 I started my working life working in pubs and shops and even moved to Germany for a while to run a café over there.  I fell into admin 16 years ago.  I was looking for a real “grown up” job (it was far too much fun working in bars to be considered a grown up job) and I found an admin role close to home which didn’t need any experience and I discovered that I had a real knack for it.  Over the next few years I gained experience in a Jobcentre, Medical centre, a military HQ, MOD Police and then the NHS and have gained a huge amount of experience working with people from all walks of life and have learned to adapt my skills to the situation at hand.  My last couple of roles have been as a PA at Executive level and I have LOVED it.  The more chaotic and challenging, the better!

My “Why”?

I have waited a very long time for my little boy and now that I have him, I want to continue to build our life whilst being around when he needs me.  The other side of this is, I LOVE helping people to organise the chaos that usually comes with busy people and their admin.  One of the things that I learned very early on is that the busier you are as a person, the less time you get to do the background work.  I enjoy working out the puzzle of a hectic diary and prioritising urgent situations.  I also LOVE working with the wide variety of people that I come across.  This business gives me the opportunity to do both.

I am still in the process of finding my feet, finding which areas will work around my current schedule and trying to absorb as much information about running a business as I can but this is who I am right now.

My personality

I always find this bit quite difficult.  As I have already said I am like a whirlwind.  If something needs doing, I HAVE to get it done or at least have an action plan on how I am going to progress with the challenge.  This is for every part of my life.  I am also quite a bouncy human and have earned the nickname “tigger” from friends and family because I have a huge amount of energy and am usually extra cheerful.  I do not see the point in being miserable, all it does is bring everybody around you down and if I am being completely honest, I have an 11-month-old baby…I don’t have the extra energy it takes to be grumpy.  I also see it as a challenge to get people to smile back at me.  I am stubborn and determined (traits that I have passed onto my little man…..eek).  I do not hold grudges and I would rather figure out how to fix a problem than find someone to blame.  I believe in being honest and accepting responsibility but more importantly learning from your mistakes.

What do I do?

I give you time.

So, you know all those teeny tiny tasks that take forever. You know the ones typing up reports, collating information, researching locations for meetings, looking for amazing presents, sorting through receipts and submitting expenses, booking appointments, sending out letters, maintaining spreadsheets…. that is just a tiny insight into some of the things that I do. 

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Give yourself a few minutes to think about all of the jobs that you have been putting off, the things that you just never seem to have time for or even worse, the jobs that are getting in the way of what you need to get done.  Think about the cost of YOU doing those things.  Your time, energy and the fact that you are unable to get on with other things because you are spending hours on admin.  This is where I come in. What may seem drawn out and tedious to you is what I enjoy doing. Calming the admin chaos that often comes with busy professionals.

If you think there are tasks that I could help with, hit the button below to get in touch.  All packages are tailored to your individual needs and remember, you only pay for the time that used to complete the task. 

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Meet the Team

This is me. Mammy, Partner and Virtual Assistant. I am super organised and like to have everything in order with back up plans from A-Z. I love getting stuck in and creating order out of chaos and I enjoy the fact that I get to help people. Organisation is my Super Power.

This is David, my amazing Partner, sounding board and one man tech team.  It doesn’t matter what needs fixing; he will find a way to make it happen and I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for his support and understanding.  He is the calm to my whirlwind, and my missing piece.

This is our little Terror Tot.  He is the reason that we push to be the best that we can be.  He is also my “why”. I love the fact that I get to see the world through his eyes every single day because my work allows me to be with him for all the exciting new things he has to learn.

This is Scampi.  My 13-year-old moggy.  She is also my Chief Health and Safety Officer.  She is grumpy and demanding but she makes sure that I take breaks away from the computer screen. Her favourite trick to give me a break is when she asks to go out, and come in, and go out, and come in….

Last but not least, this is my little Wiggly Woof.  She is a 10-year-old Collie and she is my Chief Cuddle Monster.  She is the one that is always there with a snuggle and a lick if I start to get overwhelmed. Five minutes of Wiggle snuggles, and all is right with the world again.



That is my amazing home team. They keep me sane and grounded and they are all part of what makes Allied Business Support Services something special.

If you would like to know more about how ABSS can help you to be more productive by providing support for the time consuming admin jobs that are taking too much of your time, contact stefanie@alliedbusinesssupport.co.uk


What exactly is a Virtual Assistant?

In short, a good Virtual Assistant is everything admin in one package. If they cannot do what you need, they will have someone in the background that can!

I have worked in admin for nearly 2 decades and it is only in the last couple of years that I have heard of a Virtual Assistant. I mean, how does that even work? Surely if you are doing admin for a company you have to work within the company right?

I don’t know if you remember but a couple of years ago (around 2017) we had some dicey weather on the form of snow. Now snow doesn’t bother me but sheet ice does and those of us who lived any distance away from work were advised to take laptops home and work remotely on the days where there were weather warnings (which ended up being best part of a week).

At the time I was PA to a hugely busy Executive whose diary was full for the next 4 weeks. I will admit that I didn’t fully understand the concept of how I was going to do my job effectively with a laptop at home. I mean, what happens if he needs me to deal with something urgently?

So, this is how it worked. Boss rang me in the morning, and we had a catch up over the phone. I was tasked with the usual work; rearrange appointments, clear 1 day in the diary for an urgent situation, type up letters that he dictated over the phone, write up minutes from the last weeks meetings, put together information from several emails in his inbox and create a PowerPoint presentation.

Suddenly it dawned on me – I didn’t need to be sat in the office to do any of this. What I did need was access to his email and folders (which I had via my laptop), internet access and my phone. Who knew it would be this easy to work from home?

Not only not only was it fully possible to work from home in an admin role, I was far more productive. I wasn’t getting up every hour to stretch, nip to the loo, grab a snack, be interrupted by a phone ringing constantly, have to refocus after said distraction, be interrupted by other staff asking questions (fancy a cuppa?) or general chatting.

The downside with this was that I was comfy. Really comfy. In my lounging clothes, on my sofa typing away happily. On the first day I only moved away from my laptop 3 times all day. I had my lunch whilst working and didn’t really give myself a break until after the Mr got home so the rest of the week I had to make a conscious effort to have a quick break in the morning and afternoon to stretch and get a drink and a lunch away from the laptop.

This got me to thinking, if I can do this work from home, what other work could I be doing from home? I was newly pregnant at the time and trying to work out how I was going to continue working without having to put baby in childcare too often. Could I do my job from home around baby? Is this a thing? I knew of a couple of people who had tried and failed but I also knew of a couple who had succeeded. I contacted those people and they put me on the right track, the right courses to look at, the right mentality to go into this with and here we are.

Do I miss the hustle and bustle of a busy workplace? Of course I do BUT I find that I am more productive and focused without the constant distractions which means ultimately I am better at my job now (and I was pretty good before) which can only be a good thing.

So, to get back to the original question. What is a Virtual Assistant and what do they do? For me, I can do everything that I did as a PA with more focus and drive because this is my business. My reputation I am building.

What are my limitations as a VA?

Honestly, there is only one that I can think of…….

Unfortunately I am unable to make you a brew. Well, I could but it may be a little cold by the time it gets to you .