But isn’t a VA just admin??

I am normally quite a calm puppy but this morning I read something that REALLY irritated me. I don’t know whether it is my hormones being all screwy (thank you baby number 2) or if I am just sick of the assumption that the work that I do is ‘just’. 

I was going through my daily check of networking groups, and I saw a post from somebody asking what a good ‘side hustle’ would be. Several people replied, ‘you can be a VA’. The steam started to come out of the ears a little bit… without knowing this person, how they are with technology or how up to date they are with social media, CRM systems, website development, copy writing… ‘you can be a VA’.

The response to this was, I don’t think I could be a VA. I am not very organised…

Then it happened… the sentence that made my blood boil and the trickle of steam turn into a full-blown dragon response… ‘but it’s JUST admin’…

Are you kidding me??? Really??? JUST admin???

So, when I am the first point of contact for a client’s customers, providing outstanding customer service, it’s JUST admin…

  • When I am painstakingly going through a website, checking for errors, making sure SEO is optimised, making sure it is a pleasant user experience, it is JUST admin…
  • When I am proofreading a book before it goes to print. Making sure that there are no errors, checking spelling, grammar and that it makes sense, it is JUST admin…
  • When I am transcribing a legal document or a medical report that will be used as evidence in a court of law, it is JUST admin…
  • When I am creating engaging social media copy and graphics to raise my clients profiles
  • Creating a social media strategy to make sure that they are showing the world how amazing they are
  • Advising what software will help them to stay on top of their customer’s journeys
  • Creating course materials
  • Writing blogs
  • Maintaining client records
  • Ensuring that they have enough time to get to meetings and that their diary allows time to breathe

It is all JUST admin huh?

So… if you are struggling to stay on top of any of the above please do give me a shout. I have an amazing team of VA’s who are highly educated, keep up to date with the latest trends and software, are fully insured and ICO registered but remember – we are admin specialists and there is nothing JUST about the service and care that we provide!

For more information on how we could help your business to move forward, pop us a message to arrange a call.

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