Case Studies

Case Study 1

Editable PDF creation and programming.​

Who are they?

Pen Telecom is a telecoms company who has been providing Voice & Data service for their customers since 2012, specialising in hosted services for remote and flexible working. They have 3 simple core values which keep them focussed on doing what is best for their customers.

  • Be open and honest
  • Respond Quickly
  • Give clear and truthful advice

What they say

Our ethos for Customer Care and our Core Values have continued to be our Driving Force.

We quickly adapted to new technologies and built our business up, to the strong company it is today.

We work hard to make sure that we are not just another telecoms company, supplying communication solutions to you.

For us it is about being your trusted ally, one that you can depend on to make sure you always have the right set up, uniquely tailored to benefit your business.

What they needed

Pen Telecom send a number of forms out to clients regularly and wanted to update and tidy the forms and streamline the process. 

They were interested in the possibility of having the forms calculate totals to minimise human error and to make completion of the forms more efficient with the use of an e-sign option.


Jon contacted ABSS to discuss what options are available.  After discussing the requirements for the individual forms, Stefanie produced a mock-up of 3 editable PDF’s to show how they would work and what they could look like.  Jon confirmed which areas he would like to be editable and which areas needed to be locked and the forms were created.

Pen Telecom now have forms that are editable and that will calculate totals where required.  They are fully editable with the password but are safe from editing in error.

Feedback from Jon at Pen Telecom

I cannot recommend Stef and ABSS highly enough.

They understood what I needed and delivered it quickly, accurately and at a very fair price.

Case Study 2

Transcription and closed captions.​

Who are they?

Unisus is a social enterprise which empowers people to reach their potential, through the provision of high-quality skills, care and well-being services.

What they say

From our Wallsend base, we work across Newcastle, North Tyneside and south east Northumberland.

We provide domiciliary care services to enable people to live healthily and independently, skills and employability services, which support people to improve their self-confidence, workplace and transferable skills; and well-being services, which help people to improve their emotional health and social inclusion.   

What they needed

Unisus are creating a series of videos to introduce different members of the team and the cover different aspects of the work that they do.  They wanted to make sure that the information was easily accessible to anyone who wants to know more.


After watching a video about the impact of closed captions, Kelly contacted ABSS to discuss adding subtitles to the videos that she had recently recorded. 

Stefanie confirmed the requirements, then transcribed the subtitles and added them to the video’s using Unisus branded fonts.

Kelly now has video’s with subtitles that she can use across all of her social media platforms and website to increase awareness of the great work that Unisus do.

Feedback from Kelly at Unisus

Stefanie from ABSS transcribed 2 videos for Unisus. As a social enterprise supporting people with disabilities, we feel strongly that our media needs to be accessible to all and so when I found out that Stefanie offered this service I was really keen to try it out. 

She completed both video’s really quickly and I highly recommend her services.

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